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Looking to be a part of this story

I struck up a conversation with a member who had some kind words for my transmog. I've been a fan of the draenai people and story since BC, and would love the opportunity to learn more in the environment this guild supplies.RynnaemisProtection Pal...
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Hi there!!

Hi everybody. I was roleplaying in WoW universe for 4 years, and Draeneis are my favourite race in the Alliance. I know enough about WoW lore and of course about Draenei lore. But i have to say 2 important things to know if i'll be accepted in you...
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Just finished filling out an application to join :)*waves hello*
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Hello peeps!
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I'm, at last, back

After my long hiatus, I finally have time to relax from real life stuff and enjoy WoW again! Yay! Thought I'd make a post here in the hopes of getting back in touch with this awesome guild and eventually rejoining when I get my character situation...
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Hello from the not-dead and a small request

Hello, Sha'tor family!I was gone for quite a long time, taking a break from World of Warcraft and dealing with various real-world concerns. I'm back in Azeroth for now, but I don't know if I will be staying beyond the six months I've already subsc...
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I was intrigued and looking to petition to join your guild, but when I filled out the necessary information and tried to submit it, it informed me I was not authorized to do this. Do I need permission to submit a petition?
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Greetings! Dropping my own hello here, looking forward to this guild!
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Hello! I am the person who submitted the application for my character Izaran. I couldn't make heads or tails of the forums, so I simply decided to give a belated 'hello' here. For the second time in this message, hello!
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Just applied earlier today! Looking forward to hearing back! Hope everyone is doing well!
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Aspirant Ready to Serve

A would be Vindicator stands ready to serve the Draenei people and push back the darkness that is encroaching on all of us.---Character: ArithelClass: PaladinI'm just coming back to the game after a two year break. Would love to find a place wher...
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Hopeful looking for a guild

Hello, I applied for you guild today and it sounds like I would enjoy being part of it. I like the Dreanei and enjoy playing them. Not sure if anyone else feels like this but oh well. Hope I get in.Thanks!Mirasta
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A Hopeful!

Hello! I applied to your guild today and I am so excited about it. The last time I played World of Warcraft was when I had a Draenei Death Knight so I am eager to play one once again. I have always had a special place in my heart for Draenei. ...
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Greetings! I'm Eldraan and I would just like to say I love how this guild is put together, your members have been very friendly and interesting, and I hope to join your ranks soon!
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A Pleasure to Meet You!

This is Tammeril from <Sentinel> on WRA. I had a great time this evening, role-playing with several members of your guild. I hope that we do more things together!
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Hello from Sentinel!

Greetings, Sha'tor!In Sentinel I play Huntress Raventalon, and it's been fun RPing with you all!I've been RPing for about two-and-a-half years, and my experience on WrA has been nothing but wonderful. I mainly RP night elves along with a couple of...
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