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Manakeep 728x90
#14173857 Jul 10, 2019 at 07:15 AM
Hi everybody. I was roleplaying in WoW universe for 4 years, and Draeneis are my favourite race in the Alliance. I know enough about WoW lore and of course about Draenei lore.
But i have to say 2 important things to know if i'll be accepted in your guild:
1- I'm a casual role player, i mostly do PvP and some M+ in order to equip my character. I will RP, but not everyday, maybe 2 o 3 day a week.
2- English is not my native lenguage, i can make mistakes while writing OOC and IC. That's why when i RP with english-speakers my character use to be a person who have some language problem for "X" reason. This is in order to don't break the rol atmosphere, and make as my writing mistakes IRL in someway have sense in my character and don't break the atmosphere.

That said, i will like to role play in an only Draenei Guild. Only once i had the oportunitie of roleplaying a Draenei, but she (a shaman) was surrounded by Night Elves all the time. Was fun actually, but i would like have pure Draenei rol.
If you allow me to join your guild my character will be male Draenei Hunter, who will have the same name that i'm using here right now: Naurd.

Well thanks for your time, see you later guys.
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