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#13406075 Aug 21, 2017 at 10:27 PM
Hello, Sha'tor family!

I was gone for quite a long time, taking a break from World of Warcraft and dealing with various real-world concerns. I'm back in Azeroth for now, but I don't know if I will be staying beyond the six months I've already subscribed to. Life is just too unpredictable for me right now to commit beyond that.

I'm not asking to be allowed back into the guild - my schedule makes it impossible to roleplay with any real regularity - but I would like to ask for the contents of my application so I can use the biographical information in-game. (When I left before, all of my AddOn information was deleted, and now I am sadly left with a blank TRP.)

Please, if you have my application (Veéra-WyrmrestAccord) lying around somewhere, I would dearly love to have it. Though my time in your ranks was incredibly brief, I appreciate the opportunity and hope to see you all around Azeroth.

Kind regards,


PS: If you'd like to confirm my identity, or even if you'd just like to chat, my BattleTag is queertyuiop#1723. Feel free to add me!
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#13422057 Sep 02, 2017 at 11:53 AM
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Hello, Lex!

Good to see you're alright at least, and we wish you well as you continue forward! Sorry it took so long to notice your message, too!

As requested, here's the biographical description from your application. I don't know how else to send them so I hope you end up seeing this!

Veera was born in a small settlement in the Shadowmoon Valley called Embaari Village, where her parents raised elekk. She was the only child in her village to lack the characteristic blue pigmentation, but that was of little concern to her family and her peers. She was an ordinary child, for the most part: she played and explored with the others, rode elekk with her mother and father, and cared for any stray creatures she found injured or in want of a home.

Her life may have been completely different if it were not for the Aldor. When Veera was quite small, a contingent of Aldor priests visited Embaari Village on their way back from the city of Shattrath. She was immediately taken in by their talk of their travels, and was eager to see the Temple of Karabor of which they so fondly spoke. The Aldor, in turn, took note of the child's unusual appearance and her knack for healing, and by the next moon Veera and her parents were travelling to Karabor for the first time.

They made many trips over the years, at least once a decade, and when Veera was old enough to decide on her own path, she chose to remain at Karabor and study the healing nature of the Light with the priests there.

She was tending to the temple's gardens when the Iron Horde attacked, and was among those taken captive by the Orcish army and brought to the Dark Portal in Tanaan Jungle. She watched as, one by one, her friends and fellow priests were thrown from the platforms into the swirling arcane pools, their cries echoing through the trees. She was shielded from view by several of her closest friends, most of whom were taken before the Portal was deactivated. She was dragged down the steps of the crumbling scaffold and corralled with the other Karabor prisoners, and after their assault on the Orcs was returned to her ancestral home of Embaari.

Not satisfied with remaining secluded while others fought for their freedom, Veera approached the Commander of the Alliance forces in Draenor and requested that she be allowed to help in some way. She served under the Alliance commander throughout their campaign to free Draenor, after which she accepted an offer to travel to a place called Stormwind where she could learn more about those who had helped save her people.
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